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We are specialist  in custom and commercial Aircraft ,Helicopter ,Railway vehicles and public buses interior complete Refurbishment and maintenance.
For over the years we have helped other companies to grow and define themselves with our services. With the rise of economic pressure and the race to cut costs, our goal is to provide the highest quality services at the lowest cost to you maximizing the quality of your products.
We have a wide rang services to Cutting and Swing for all applicable interior items including  Curtain, Galley, Floor mats and Cabin carpet and  supply dedicated services to transfer your worn out seat covers from it’s old appearance to look as good as new in a very short time.

Here at Novin Gostar Aseman Hamoon Co. , our commitment is to provide you with one of the best in industry sewing and stitching services. With your great ideas and our great technicians, the outcome always results a high quality , unique product  and on schedule to fit our customer  needs.
At Novin Gostar Aseman Hamoon Co.,  We are dedicated to producing the highest quality finishing touch to any of the products we receive from our clients. All of our work is done in-house and not by any sub-contractors to insure quality.
Private Labeling
Private Labeling is part of our production abilities, we design and produce customize label  for each of our customer's product under their brand name.
By this labeling and special packaging , you can verify the specification of each product and you will have track on each item.
We specialize in custom and commercial interior refurbishment ,our expertise includes:
1-    Consultation, simple design and prototype development.
2-    Repair and refurbish aircraft interior and interior furnishings such as:
•    Executive Aircraft Interiors complete refurbishment.
•    Disassemble and reassemble aircraft seats, galleys, sidewalls, overhead bins and partitions in according to related component maintenance manual.
•    Strip covering from existing seating, sidewalls and partitions and install new cover .
•    Removed and reinstalled floor mat and moqute in according to related aircraft floor covering drawing.
•    Pattern, cut, fit and covers all interior items .
•    Fabricate permanent steam-pleated curtains.
3-    Lays out , and fabricates and assembles aircraft upholstery, insulation, sound proofing , and interior trim items from assorted materials according  to standard specification.
4-    Contract Sewing
Contract sewing is defined as ‘cut and sew’; it utilizes our labor only, with the client sourcing the materials. We are very choosy about which jobs we take on in our cut and sew department. We make sure the product is a fit for the experience level of the team, the material sews/seals well in our machines, and the client has some product management experience. Cut and sew jobs still require a significant amount of paperwork, and managing the materials for the customer is time consuming. If we agree to a contract sewing project, the quantity of goods we produce is whatever can be produced from all the material you send us.
5-    Repair and refurbish Train interior and interior furnishings , Such services will create a pleasant interior for passengers.
6-    Supply of all passenger comfort items such as Blankets, Cushion, and Headrest. 

Seat Covers  
Novin Gostar Aseman Hamoon Co. have two manufacturing facilities, all products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the relevant drawings and meet the customers’ quality  demands.
Given the opportunity, Novin Gostar Aseman Hamoon Co. can provide a truly competitive price on the manufacture of Passenger ( Economy and First Class ) and Pilot Seat covers, which would offer a substantial benefit to the customers.



Novin Gostar Aseman Hamoon Co.  are proud to announce that their customer list is in excess of most Iranian  airlines  including  Mahan Air and  Iran Aseman airlines for  their permanent steam-pleated curtains.  We are considered to be the market leader in quality and presentation.


Novin Gostar Aseman Hamoon Co. carry out the work in accordance with approved aircraft configuration drawings.
Novin Gostar Aseman Hamoon Co. have  experience in carpet cutting , over locking/fitting & installation with highly skilled and motivated people.


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